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Are you living with HIV? Are you interested in leadership skills? Want to connect with peers? Interested in identifying your
personal values?
Want to gain community
knowledge and awareness?
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The Positive Leadership Development Institute (PLDI) offers people living with HIV (PLWH) an opportunity to identify and develop their leadership and resilience skills in a safe environment by and for.

PLDI trainings are for all PLWH that want to be leaders.

We believe a diversity of strong leaders create stronger communities.

  • We honour the leadership of the past;
  • Value the leadership today; and,
  • Inspire leadership for the future.
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The Positive Leadership Development Institute is a partnership program between three AIDS service organizations (ASO) from the most populous provinces in Canada, Ontario AIDS Network (OAN), Pacific AIDS Network (PAN) and the Coalition des organismes communautaires québécois de lutte contre le sida (COCQ-SIDA).

The Institute was initiated in Ontario by PLHIV members of the OAN in 2006. It was such a success that it was extended to British-Columbia in 2009 and in Quebec in 2018. Furthermore, it was also exported across the Pacific Ocean to Australia and New-Zealand.

Today, more than 1000 HIV positive leaders have graduated from at least 1 module of the Institute, many of which have modelled the way, inspired their peers and taken action to bring forth change.


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Impacts of the PLDI program include:

  • Measurable increases in resilience and emotional intelligence
  • Greater confidence to participate in community activities
  • Sustained resilience and leadership skills

“I feel like I am filling in the huge gaps in the career and skills building part of my life that were absent since I stopped living for the future 27 years ago.”

“I am now part of a Board for women living with HIV”

“I have learned so much about myself, my core values, what my desires are, and what is my mission. I learned that I can ask for help, that I am not alone and I matter to a lot of people.”

“Power resides in my participation in the community of people living with HIV/AIDS. I value so much the heroic models I encountered.”

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In the context of the 2020 pandemic, PLDI has adapted some of its modules to a secure D2L Brightspace online learning platform.

Online leadership trainings are soon starting and a new module is on its way. Ultimately, the Institute aims to offer blended learning through its online tools and in person trainings.

Check out the upcoming dates in your province:

Repetition of the buttons to regional pages

Or fill out the Waiting list form:

pldi.ca/participate -form

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The Ontario AIDS Network (OAN): History And Membership

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